• Sam Chizanga

When you love being in the sauce.

I love being in the sauce.

I love being an ingredient, anything you want me to be I will be it. If someone asks me to take on a new project I never hesitate. I tend to be a “YES, YES, CHOOSE ME” kind of kid.

I would take on as many project as possible and every single time, I failed. Miserably. Every single time.

It took me a while to realize that it was me. It me.

I always blamed my inability to juggle all of these projects on other people. They didn’t do this, they didn’t answer my email quick enough. My overzealous nature contributed to my impatience, made me unbearably demanding. It was a mess, I was high strung, stressed out and overworked with nothing to show for it but uncompleted projects and burned bridges. ✅

I’ve gotten better though and here is how;

1. Know yourself: People will ask you to do things, not because you’re good at them but because they know you’re not going to say no. You should know what value you provide to others and use that as your strength. Quality, not quantity.

2. Learn how to say no: Say it, right now. stop reading this. Stop. Look in a mirror and just say “no”. We love to help our friends, family, that neighbour who always forgets their fob for the front door and that’s because we don’t want to disappoint others. Too bad so sad.

3. Meditate: React out of awareness, not conditioning and practice mindfulness. This may sound like mumbo jumbo but it isn’t, I swear. This is where the ability to decide what is important enough for a reaction, and what isn’t coming into play. Being aware of your thoughts is powerful and with power, comes great control.

> An app for meditation; iOs , Android

4. Mind your business: Saucy. You have a niche a space that you are good at. The things you excel in are the things you should pursue. Collaboration is fun and all, but make it matter to you. If you create fitness tutorials and you find yourself creating content for jewellery businesses you are probably in the wrong space and not minding your business.

It’s hard. FOMO is a real thing and being in the sauce can lead to so many opportunities. It can open so many doors for you but it can also be your downfall. Always remember what is in it for you, for the people involved, sometimes it’s alright to say no.

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