Team facilitation with POV 3rd Street, a charitable film and media organization by the folks at Radke. Intended to develop soft skills and entrepreneurial skills with participants in order to prepare them for roles in the film industry.


An entrepreneurship incubation program aimed to help young entrepreneurs build their skills, provide support, mentorships and strengthen the backend of their business. 10/10, would reccommend.


On a day to day basis, I answer questions and concerns for customers using Slack. Outside of that I work on defining process, creating documentation, content, and all while cultivating the culture of our local office. It's been so far, the best work of my life.


On a daily basis I'd assist entrepreneurs - helping them scale their business and commerce objectives. In short, Gurus consult on e-commerce and brand strategy or finding the best plans and features to help increase and improve their bottom line. 

This was my small business where I used to teach people how to cook. I wore every hat known to man. On a day to day basis, I would often ask "what is happening?". The highlight of my work was food photography and graphic design creating compelling content to market my services. I learned how to develop voice brand, tone, and content strategy across multiple digital platforms. It was a good time.

I used to work in the culinary industry from cutting buckets of lettuce to eventually developing and leading culinary cooking classes, I did some of it - no I don't consider myself a chef.

  1. You can do it alone, but it's much better with a team.

  2. Don't be precious, get through the storm - have a post mortem.

  3. You'll be in the weeds, you're not the first person in the weeds, ask for help when you need it.

Hey, I'm Sam Chizanga, a creative doer from Toronto, ON.

I spend my days doing great work at Slack. I also create short form visual content, strategize for personal and small brands, and write content.


JAN '16 - MAR '18


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